About CATF

The Clean Air Task Force is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing atmospheric pollution through research, advocacy, and private sector collaboration.  


Founded in 1996, CATF's staff of 20 senior professionals in science, engineering, business, law, and public education is based in Boston, Washington DC, Beijing, the Midwest, and New England. CATF also catalyzes and cooperates with a network of more than 100 scientists, technology experts, financial and business development advisors, private companies, and environmental and business NGOs.  We work mainly at the national and international level.


In the climate arena, our major focus is on reducing the climate impact of coal-based energy; reducing global warming from short-term pollutants such as methane and black carbon; and spurring rapid technical innovation across a range of climate friendly technological platforms.


In the area of coal, CATF takes the view that this cheap and abundant energy source is likely to power the planet for a considerable period of time -- especially where, as in China, most coal plants are less than a decade old.  Accordingly, CATF's main priorities are proving out at a commercial scale as rapidly as possible carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) and CCS-enabling technologies such as surface and underground coal gasification and efficient post combustion capture, and accelerating technical innovation in these areas.


We do this through advocacy of specific "NowGen" projects in the US; advocacy of federal regulatory, incentive and RD and D roadmaps and policies; and the facilitation of joint ventures between US and Chinese companies to develop specific projects and technologies.