CCS is Available


Technology that captures and isolates carbon dioxide from coal is largely proven and can be built today.  It has been used across the world.


  • Dozens of operational carbon capture projects (including coal boilers and gas turbines) for chemical production, EOR, and food production.


  • There are  74 large-scale CCS projects are under active development in North America and 234 active or planned CCS projects worldwide (Source: GCCSI).


  • There are 4,000 miles of CO2 pipelines in use today in the US to carry CO2 for enhanced oil  recovery (EOR).


  •  Approximately one billion tons of CO2 have been injected for EOR, in the Permian Basin alone, since 1982.




Coal with CCS Projects                                                          Natural Gas with CCS Projects




International CCS Projects                                                    New CCS Technologies



The Clean Air Task Force- Fossil Transition Project is working to:

  • Reduce the climate impact of coal-based energy
  • Publicly advocate for the widespread use of CCS
  • Ensure that federal policy demands carbon reductions and advances rapid deployment of CCS
  • Promote collaboration of CCS projects between the US and China
  • Support projects in the US that utilize advanced CCS technologies
  • Communicate the importance of CCS to the public
  • Proving out in a commercial scale CCS technologies such as UCG and EOR
  • Identify RD&D needs and opportunities for the CCS industry