Coal with CCS Projects

In the United States, there are proposed coal plants that would use carbon capture and storage either when they open or within a few years of opening.  Some of these projects are under construction, some have air permits, but some will likely be cancelled. 


Below is a list of these US projects that use coal with CCS.  In contrast to “FutureGen” which is designed as high capture and novel technology demonstration, these projects are “NowGens” that can be built as commercial scale with varying levels of CCS.  The list was prepared by Clean Air Task Force from public sources and often with information and text supplied by project developers.



Project Name



Capture Level



Proposed Operation Date


Name: Great Plains Synfuels Plant
Operator: Dakota Gasification Company
 Location: Beulah, ND

Lignite to SNG  plant with sequestration

18,000 tpd of lignite to SNG using gasification technology

3 million tons of CO2 per year.

EOR-  pipeline transported to Weyburn Saskewatchen oilfield.

In operation




Name: Conoco Philips Plant

Plant Operator: Conoco Philips

Location: Sweeny, TX

IGCC with E-Gas gasification technology

680 MW



In permitting process



Name: Kemper County IGCC
Operator: Misssissippi Power, Southern Energy
 Location: Kemper County, MS

IGCC CCS Plant  with TRIG gasification technology and Siemens turbines

582 MW ( Base Lignite Capacity: 524MW; NG Capacity: 58MW)


EOR piped 61 miles.

Broken ground



Name: Texas Clean Energy
Project Operator
Summit Power Group
Location: Odessa, TX

IGCC-Polygen,  Siemens Gasfiiers and Turbines

400 MW


EOR into Permian Basin




Name: Hydrogen Energy California Project (HECA)
Project Operator: SCS Energy
Location: Elk Hills, Kern County, CA

IGCC (for petroleum coke) GE gasifiers and turbines

250+ MW net of low carbon base-load power


EOR in Occidental's Elk Hills, 5 miles from site

Advanced permitting



Name: Leucadia Lake Charles Cogeneration LLC

Project Operator: Leucadia


Lake Charles, LA

Petcoke to chemicals 

 4.5 M/t/yr



In permitting process



Name: Leucadia

Project Operator: Leucadia, Mississippi Gasification LLC


Moss Point, LA


Will utilize petroleum coke feedstock to produce over 40 Bcf of pipeline quality gas


Local EOR

In permitting process



Name: Leucadia Indiana Gasification Project   Plant Operator: Leucadia/Indiana Gasification, LLC/E3 Gasification
 Location: Rockport, IN

SNG with GE Quench gasification

40 BCF substitute natural gas (SNG) and 134 MW (net) electricity


EOR/Denbury Pipeline

In Process



Name: Power Holdings Coal to SNG Plant  
Plant Operator:   Powerholdings LLC
Location: Mount Vernon, IL

SNG with GE Energy gasifiers
GE Energy gasifiers
SNG with GE

60 BCF



Advanced permitting



Name: Secure  Energy Plant Operator: Secure Energy LLC

Location: Decatur, IL








Name:Faustina  Coal to Chemicals (CTC)
Project Operator:  Faustina Hydrogen Energy/Greenrock Energy
 Location: St. James Parish, LA

IGCC with CCS, Petcoke gasification facility with GE

4,000 tons of ammonia a day



Advanced permitting



Name: Good Springs IGCC Project Operator: Future Fuels (EmberClear) Location: Good Springs, PA

IGCC with TPRI technology, PRENFLO gasifier/boiler, ECUST


50 per cent of the CO2 at the early phases of operation with the aim of capturing nearly 100 per cent by 2020.


Advanced permitting



Name: FutureGen
Project Operator: FutureGen Industrial Alliance, Inc.
Location: Meredosia, Illinois

Oxy-combustion Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) technology.
and Air Liquide


90% 1.3 million tons/year CO2 captured

Sequestration in deep saline aquifers

Preliminary development On August 5, 2010, the Obama administration awarded $1 billion to "FutureGen 2.0"

Restructuring. Mid-2016


Name: Coffeyville Resources Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant
Project Operator: Coffeyville Resources
 Location: Coffeyville, KS

Plant converted from natural gas to petcoke to reduce costs by adding GE Energy gasifier

In 2009, Coffeyville Resources Nitrogen Fertilizers produced 156,600 tons of ammonia available for sale, and also produced 677,700 tons of urea ammonium nitrate.

650,000 tonnes per year CO2 will be captured


In operation




Name: CIRI UCG Project

Project Operator: Cook Inlet  Region Inc (CIRI) and Laurus Energy

Location: Beluga coal field  in Alaska

An underground coal gasification (UCG) plant with planned EOR



Planned EOR

Began permitting process in 2009

operation by 2014


EOR Pipeline

Name: Denbury Midwest  Green Pipeline

Project Operator:  Denbury Resources


Industrial sources in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi to Denbury’s existing pipeline infrastructure in the Gulf Coast.

Capable of transporting approximately 800 MMcf/d of carbon dioxide

A feasibility study identifies two potential pipeline routes. The 713 mile East route would connect Illinois and Indiana to Mississippi. The 781 mile West route would connect Illinois and Indiana through Louisiana. The total estimated cost of the Midwest Pipeline is approximately $1.2 to 1.4 billion, depending on the maximum pipeline length.

EOR Project


If Denbury is able to contract for the requisite CO2 volumes, construction of the pipeline would begin in late 2010 or early 2011, with an expected operation date of mid-2013.



Name: IMC Chemicals Facility
 Project Operator:
 Location:Trona, CA

CO2 can be captured at the plant each year and used for the production of soda ash (a commercial product)


315,000 t/y

Used for production of soda ash.

In operation



Name: Mountaineer Project Operator:American Electric Power (AEP) Location: New Haven, West Virginia

Pulverised Coal (PC) boiler combusting high-sulphur, bituminous coal, Alstom's chilled ammonia technology GE Energy RQ

Phase 1: (2009) 30 MW slide slip from the 1,300 MW Mountaineer Plant (1.5%of power plant). 0.1 MT CO2/Yr. Planned operation from 1-5 years
Phase 2: ( 2016) 235 MW. 90% Capture.1.5 MT CO2/Yr


Sequestration into the Mt Simon Sandstone

In operation

Pilot operation (2009). Scheduled to operate for 18 months (to 5 years). Phase 2 to start up late 2015

Pilot operation (2009). Scheduled to operate for 18 months (to 5 years). Phase 2 to start up late 2015


Name: Plant Barry Power Station
 Project Operator: Southern Energy. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Southern Company
 Location: Mobile, AL

Post-Combustion Capture with chilled ammonia. MHI technology.

 25 MW slip stream of the 2567MW plant.

100,000 to 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year

Sequestration into the Citronelle Oil Field.

In permitting process



Name: Washington Parish Plant 
Project Operator: NRG Energy
Location: Houston, TX

PCC Retrofit, Post Combustion. Flue Gas scrubbing using Fluor Corporation's Econamine FG Plussm technology

60MW. Capacity to sequester 400,000 MT CO2 per year


Saline/EOR at Texas Gulf Coast oilfields near the Parish plant.

Advanced permitting



Name: Trailblazer Project Operator: Tenaska Location: Sweetwater, TX

 Super critial pulverized coal technology with Siemens gasfiiers and Flour Corporation Econamine FG plus technology.

600 MW net.

85-90% capture rate

EOR into Permian Basin

In advanced permitting process



The Clean Air Task Force- Fossil Transition Project is working to:

  • Reduce the climate impact of coal-based energy
  • Publicly advocate for the widespread use of CCS
  • Ensure that federal policy demands carbon reductions and advances rapid deployment of CCS
  • Promote collaboration of CCS projects between the US and China
  • Support projects in the US that utilize advanced CCS technologies
  • Communicate the importance of CCS to the public
  • Proving out in a commercial scale CCS technologies such as UCG and EOR
  • Identify RD&D needs and opportunities for the CCS industry