International CCS Projects

No one web site identifies every existing and proposed carbon sequestration project. However, the Global CCS Institute releases an annual report on the global status of CCS. The 2012 version is available here. The Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology also maintains a list of key projects around the world. 



GreenGen, Tianjin, China


The Clean Air Task Force- Coal Transition Project is working to:

  • Reduce the climate impact of coal-based energy
  • Publicly advocate for the widespread use of CCS
  • Ensure that federal policy demands carbon reductions and advances rapid deployment of CCS
  • Promote collaboration of CCS projects between the US and China
  • Support projects in the US that utilize advanced CCS technologies
  • Communicate the importance of CCS to the public
  • Prove out in a commercial scale CCS technologies such as UCG and EOR
  • Identify RD&D needs and opportunities for the CCS industry