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News--U.S. Dept. of Energy signs agreement for carbon capture and storage project


Washington, D.C.- The United States DOE recently signed an agreement with NRG Energy Inc. to design and operate a system that will capture and store 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year. The project was selected under the Clean Power Initiative and will demonstrate that carbon capture can successfully be applied to existing coal plants. The project is set to start sequestration in 2014 with plans to be completed in 2017.

News--South Mississippi Electric Co-op may buy stake in Southern Co. IGCC Plant


Mississippi- The SME board is set to vote on buying a 17.5% percent stake in the planned Kemper County IGCC plant on June 30. Last month Southern Co. decided to move forward on starting construction of the 582 MW advanced coal plant after state regulators loosened restrictions on the project.

News--CIRI joins with Laurus in underground coal gasification project


Alaska- Cook Inlet Region Corp. hopes to create a commercial scale project to create synthesis gas from underground coal combustion with Laurus Energy Inc,. CIRI will be using a coal combustion process proprietarily owned by Laurus which will result in the formation of synthesis gas. The synthesis gas may help to substitute some of natural gas’s applications throughout Southeast Alaska. If agreements are finalized with utility companies the project could be in operation by 2012.

News--Mitsubishi to commercialize IGCC technology in China


Japan- Mitsubishi plans to approach the Chinese turbine maker Dongfang to join the company in developing IGCC technology in China. The joint venture would drastically reduce Mitsubishi’s production costs; improve production efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

News--Wyoming looks to preserve its coal industry through carbon sequestration


Wyoming- Though it is hard to determine how well carbon capture technologies will work for existing coal-fired plants, the ability to capture carbon from coal gasification is certain and many leaders from the state of Wyo. are looking towards carbon capture and sequestration as the basis for the future coal market.

Editorial--Wise County, VA power plant has restrictions balanced between environmental and economic concerns


Virginia- A planned coal-fired plant in Wise County, VA was in consideration to become a demonstration site for clean coal technologies. The plant was vying to become a part of a economically and environmentally beneficial project with the Virginia Tech Center for Coal and Energy Research, but was not chosen in the last round of competitive selection.

News--Mississippi Power Co to move forward on Kemper County IGCC plant


Mississippi- The Mississippi Power Company has decided to proceed with financing and construction of the planned coal-fired plant in Kemper County,MS after hearing that state regulators have relaxed restrictions such as construction cost limits that were initially placed on the project. The Kemper County clean coal plant will convert locally mined lignite to fuel turbines to create electricity and is expected to begin generating power by 2014.

News--Australia experiments with underground gasification projects


Australia- Australia is piloting several underground coal-gasification projects (UCG), which proponents say could be the development of a highly efficient process and a successful industry aimed for primarily domestic use. Private and international business interest is growing for the development of UCG technologies, but some are worried whether the Australian government will approve of the process when they make a decision by the end of next year.

News--Federal program designed to demonstrate innovative carbon capture technologies drafted by senators


West Virginia- A discussion draft for a federal program designed to develop and research carbon sequestration and storage technologies was released this week. The program is drafted to give $850M over a 15 year period for cost-shared industry and government research into clean coal technologies and would eventually give a legal and regulatory framework to clean coal technologies.

News--Indiana gasification project develops amid debate


Indiana- The proposed clean-coal plant near Rockport, Ind. is set to be one of the nation’s first commercially viable synthetic natural gas plants. Opponents are critical of the potential costs versus projected natural gas costs and the perceived pollution associated with the proposed plant. The gasification project will bring much needed jobs to the rural area, and the financial investor Leucadia will fund 20% of the project, with 80% coming from loans backed by the federal government.

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