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News--An underground Wyoming formation may be able to hold 50 years worth of CO2


Wyoming- A recent report from the Wyoming State Geological Survey asserts that a formation east of Rock Springs, WY is able to hold 750 million tons of carbon dioxide. Wyoming plans to further analyze and demonstrate that regions of the formation have the ability to sequester carbon dioxide. Wyoming is one of the country’s top coal producers and will soon have to face either capturing coal or switching to a cleaner fuel source.

News--A Western KY coal-to-gas manufacturing plant calls for a law that would require utility companies to purchase renewable energy


Kentucky- The Cash Creek Project in KY plans to gasify Kentucky’s coal into natural gas and sell the natural gas through an interstate pipeline. The Western Kentucky plant says that if utilities are required to purchase their renewable energy they can complete financing on the plant. Several states have similar legislation to require utilities to purchase renewable energy.

News--Advisor to Mississippi utility regulators recommends IGCC plant but with a spending limit


Mississippi -A consultant to the Mississippi Public Service Commission recommends approval of the proposed IGCC plant in Kemper County, but encourages a spending cap on the project.

News--Kemper County, MS weighs options on an IGCC power plant that will increase rates but save in the long run


Mississippi- The Mississippi Power Company is meeting with the state Public Service Commission to ascertain whether to build a lignite coal power plant in Kemper County, MS. The IGCC plant will increase power rates 33% over the next ten years, but will reduce the cost over time while meeting with stricter environmental standards.

News--Legislation for eminent domain rights for carbon dioxide pipelines progresses in Kentucky


Kentucky- Kentucky lawmakers are starting the process of giving carbon dioxide pipelines full eminent domain rights. Supporters of the proposal say that it will put KY in the forefront of coal conversion. The proposal was passed through the House committee and is now advancing to the full House for approval.

News--Clean-coal power plant coming to Texas


Texas-  The clean-coal power plant is currently in development and hopes to start breaking ground by the end of 2010. It plans to capture 90% of its emissions and will sell off its carbon dioxide for oil recovery in attempt to offset operating costs.

News--Future of Illinois clean coal plants still uncertain


Illinois- Two proposed coal plants which would capture and store carbon dioxide are
waiting for funding decisions.  FutureGen expects a federal decision on
funding soon, and Taylorville needs action from the State of Illinois.

News--Indiana carbon dioxide pipeline bill advances


Indiana- Legislation to help build CO2 pipelines passes Indiana Senate committee.

News--PureGen coal-fueled plant approved in New Jersey


New Jersey-  Officals in Linden, NJ unanimously approved a $2.5M deal for a coal-fueled PureGen plant.

News--China Pushes for Coal Gasification


China-China now has more than 10 coal-gasification plants under construction with total nameplate capacity of about 1.2 trillion cubic feet per year.

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