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News - Midwest Governors Reach Accord on CCS, Smart Grid, Cleantech


The Midwestern Governors Association unveiled a road map for transforming the region into a hub for clean energy development through rapid deployment of "smart grid" and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.

A Team of Rivals: The United States and China on Energy - Huffington Post


Coal is the largest single driver of global warming, and the United States and China are the biggest drivers of coal. How our two nations address this issue will determine how successful we are in tackling climate change.

Task Force: Duke Energy, China Huaneng Make Clean Energy Pact


The Clean Air Task Force (CATF), a Boston-based environmental advocacy organization, on Aug. 10 commended the pioneering agreement between major U.S. and Chinese utilities to support the development of cleaner energy technologies.

Duke Energy Inks Clean-Tech Deal With China's Largest Utility


Two of China and the United States' largest electric utilities signed a memorandum of understanding in Beijing today to share information and explore potential initiatives to produce cleaner power from coal and renewable resources such as wind.

Scientific American - How Fast Can Carbon Capture and Storage Fix Climate Change?


Carbon capture and storage is not being widely built today; the primary problem--it is expensive

Biofuels Debate: Point, Counterpoint


Kate McMahon, a Green Inc. reader and an energy and transportation policy campaigner at the environmental group Friends of the Earth, writes to alert us to an appeal her group made, along with two other environmental organizations, to the Environmental Protection Agency last week.

The Atomic Show #078 – Armond Cohen, Executive Director, Clean Air Task Force Air


Made up of 20 senior scientists, lawyers, MBAs, economists, and public outreach professionals, CATF is headquartered in Boston but located throughout the United States. Our work is augmented by collaboration with nationally recognized technical and economic consulting organizations such as The Northbridge Group, Environmental and Energy Analysis, Inc., Abt Associates, and MSB Energy Associates.

Clean Air Task Force, Earthjustice release report documenting contamination from coal combustion waste disposal


Jeff Stant, the Clean Air Task Force, and Earthjustice deserve our thanks for their eye-opening report on how minefilling of fly ash in Pennsylvania has damaged the state's groundwater, rivers, and streams.  Power companies have dumped millions of tons of fly ash into abandoned coal mines, backed by the Pennsylvania Department of the Environment, which has told the public that ash dumping will actually improve water quality by reducing acid drainage.

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