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News--Shell to construct oil sands CCS project


Calgary, Canada-Shell announced that it will build the first carbon capture and storage, or CCS, project that locks away emissions from mining Canada’s oil sands. The Quest project will be built on behalf of the Athabasca Oil Sands Project joint venture owners (Shell, Chevron and Marathon Oil) and with support from the Governments of Canada and Alberta.

News --GE unveils new carbon capture technology


New York- GE, a US-based company and Sargas, a Norweigen company, have formed an alliance to sell gas-fired power plants that will capture 90% of the output of carbon dioxide and use the CO2 in depleted oil fields for crude oil recovery.

News-Environmental groups push EPA to regulate carbon dioxide on existing power plants


Washington, D.C.- Last week environmental groups urged EPA to regulate carbon dioxide from exisiting power plants during the May 24 hearing on a proposal to limit carbon dioxide from new fossil fuel-fired units.

News -Coal comes back in Illinois


Illinois- IL basin coal production is on the rise thanks in part to the advancement of scrubber technology, allowing high-sulphur coal to burn more cleanly.

News-Deal reached on Duke Edwardsport cost overruns


Indiana- The legal battle on who will pay for the $1.3B cost overruns for the Duke Edwardsport plant was reached on Monday. Duke will pay $700M and Duke's customers will pay a 14.5% rate increase.

News -MS PSC approves Kemper IGCC plant


Mississippi- The Mississippi Public Service Commission voted 2-1 this past Tuesday to approve the IGCC plant, despite opponent's calls for a fresh look at the projects finances.

News -PBS video: Powering the Planet


USA- A refreshing look at energy policy and the current status of energy technologies around the world.

News - China Weekly Energy Updates


China Weekly Energy Updates (3/19/2011-3/26/2012)


News -Linc Energy looks to fund UCG projects


Australia- Linc Energy hopes to build a UCG project in China with help from an unnamed Chinese investor. The company recently sold some of its coal property to a company in India and acquired oil-producing assets in the US to generate cash flow.

News- Miss. court reverses approval of Southern Company's Kemper IGCC Project


Mississippi- On Thursday, the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed approval for Mississippi Power's Kemper IGCC project. The court said the Mississippi Public Service Commission's May 2010 approval of the project did not satisfy state law that the plant would benefit the utility's customers, and sent the case back to the PSC. The project would use a gasification technology developed by Southern Company to burn Mississippi lignite coal.

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