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News - State approves 30 year contract for Ind. gasification plant


Indiana- State regulators approved the divisive 30 year contract of the coal-to-SNG plant in southwestern Indiana today, overcoming a major hurdle for the proposed plant. The plan entails selling the output of the plant to a state agency, who will then sell the synthetic natural gas to the public on the national market. The plant is set to begin operation in 2015. 

News - Taylorville Energy Center fails to pass, Cullerton calls it back


Illinois-The Tenaska bill failed to pass the Senate today, but Senate President John Cullerton used a parlimentary procedure that allows the bill to be called back later in the veto session, or next spring.

News--Taylorville Energy Center moving to the Senate


Illinois- Tenasaka's $3.5B proposal for the IGCC coal plant is heading to the Senate for a second time. The plant's project developers are asking Illinois state legislators to approve the project, which will require state utilites to purchase the plant's output for the next 30 years. The project will capture its 65% of its CO2 emissions.

News--Saskatchewan progressing on carbon capture


Saskatchewan- The Boundary Dam project, set to be one of the world's largest CCS demonstration projects, reflects the province's attitude towards being a global leader in carbon capture and storage. SaskPower's Boundary Dam will have a capacity of 115 MW and the carbon dioxide captured will be used for enhanced oil recovery.

News--First UK carbon capture project canceled


Scotland- Plans for the carbon capture project at Longannet have been canceled. It is believed that a failure to reach a deal with the power companies to capture the carbon dioxide emissions and pipeline them to the North Sea led to the failure of the project. Longannet in Fife is one of the country's biggest polluters and had been the only remaining site in the UK government competition for the funding. Labour's energy minister Tom Greatrex hopes that the money that was previously to be used for the carbon storage project will go towards other carbon capture and storage projects.

News--Carbon capture projects in Canada work to address public concern


Canada-Canada pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 50% in 2008  by 2050, with the government now planning a public education outreach campaign on oil sand carbon capture. Many of the companies involved with CCS projects in Canada are working directly with critics to address concerns and work towards improvement. Four CCS projects are moving forward in Alberta, with both provincial and federal assistance.

News--Carbon capture and sequestration makes progess


Washington D.C.- Despite funding challenges over the past year, CCS projects are still making progress according to the latest Global CCS Institute report released this morning. Though the overall number of large-scale CCS proposals, there are a greater number of initiatives that are under construction or in operation this year.

News--DOE issues funding for innovative Texas polygen plant


Washington D.C.- The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a decision along with a signed cooperative agreement –  that will allow federal funding to be used to help build one of the world’s most advanced and environmentally clean coal-based power plants. This 400-megawatt, facility combines integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) power generation, urea production, and carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technology.

News--Without climate change legislation, industry has little incentive for innovation


New York- AEP’s decision to shut down its pioneer Mountaineer project is a disappointing setback to the advancement of a CCS industry and climate change mitigation from coal-fired plants. The cancelled project is a direct result of the lack of climate change legislation in Congress.


News--Gov. Quinn signs coal-to-gas bill in Ill.


Illinois- Governor Pat Quinn of IL recently signed into law a bill that would allow a coal-to-synthetic natural gas plant to be built on Chicago's Southside. Quinn stated that added consumer protections to the bill changed his mind about the revised legislation.

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