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News-- Indiana utility agency slams Duke for cost overruns at plant


Indiana-  An Indiana agency that represents utility ratepayers criticized Duke Energy Corp. for the rising costs of its Edwardsport coal gasification plant and says that their review of the company's records raises the question of whether budgetary mismanagement for the plant had occured. Duke originally said the cost of the plant would be about $1.98 billion however project costs were capped at $2.9 billion last September.

News--China moving forward with UCG policy


China- Last month at a UK-China summit, a 1,000 MW and $1.5-billion commercial partnership began by state-owned China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group, and U.K.-based Seamwell International for an underground coal gasificationsite in Inner Mongolia's Yi He coal field. Drilling will begin later this month in Inner Mongolia to confirm the site's potential and will also assess the risk posed to groundwater.


News--Construction costs at Edwardsport running above projections, Duke still hoping to complete project at current estimate


Indiana- The proposed IGCC plant, located in Edwardsport, IN is currently running about $100M above projections, but Duke Energy has said that it will cap construction costs passed along to customers at $2.72B.

News--DOE announces Summit's clean energy plant to supply electricity to San Antonio


Texas- Summit Energy’s Texas Clean Energy Project, a gasification plant planned for Penwell, was recently awarded $350 million  by DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy to develop the project but had no customers lined up until last week, when Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP) officials signed a memorandum of understanding to supply half that amount to community-owned CPS Energy in San Antonio, from 2014 to 2039. For CPS, the deal is part of an effort to re-market the company as a leader in the “new energy economy". Construction is set to start on the Texas Clean Energy Project later this year.

News--Tenaska Trailblazer confident of plant technology, says more work and money needed for project


Texas-  The Trailblazer plant located near Sweetwater, TX is nearing the completion of its front end-engineering design (FEED) study for the CO2 capture plant, which will give estimated on the cost of adding carbon capture to the plant.  The timeline of construction and operation for the plant is still uncertain, due to both financial restrictions caused in part by the economic recession and lack of federal incentives.

News--Southern Co.’s Plant Barry starts operation


Alabama- The 25MW CCS plant in Alabama will utilize the KM CDR Process developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kansai Electric Power. The facility has been attached to a coal-fired plant owned by Alabama Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company.

News--Kemper County plant on schedule and budget, set to be operational in 2014


Mississippi-  Construction of the proposed IGCC plant, to be operated by Mississippi Power, is set to be both on project and on budget. The project was approved by the MS Public Service Commission last year. Costs for the project are capped at $2.8B.

News--Chicago coal-to-natural gas plant one step closer to reality


Illinois- The coal to SNG plant, to be located on Chicago’s Southeast side is awaiting Gov. Pat Quinn’s signature. The plant, owned by Leucadia National, plans will chemically convert coal and refinery waste to synthetic natural gas, which will then be piped into natural gas pipelines to heat Illinois homes.

News--Power Holdings coal gasification plan has a new chance at passing


Illinois- The Illinois House and Senate have sent legislation back to the governor that would require utility companies to buy the synthetic natural gas at a set rate over a ten year period for the Power Holdings coal gasification plant in Jefferson County. Governor Quinn vetoed the original legislation but indications are there will be a different outcome this time. Legislation for the Leucadia Chicago plant is also back on the Governor’s desk.

News--CIRI moving ahead with underground coal gasification project


Alaska-  Cook Inlet Region Inc. (CIRI) has been working on core drilling for the past two winter seasons and now has enough data to begin development of a three-dimensional geological model of the underground coal resource. Some of the wells that will be drilled next winter will be left open for monitoring and data gathering, which will be used during the permitting process for the UCG project.

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