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News--Thirteen CCS projects apply for funding


European Union-Thirteen projects from the EU have applied for NER300 funding, the world’s largest CCS funding mechanism. Seven out of the thirteen projects are located in the UK.

News--Underground coal gasification project in Pakistan set to produce electricity at lower rates


Pakistan- By May 15, the UCG plant would start producing five megawatts of energy through gasification, and power generation would gradually be increased to 50MW.

News--Saskatchewan govt announces $1.2B carbon capture plant


Estevan- SaskPower's Boundary Dam generating station will be the world's largest commercial-scale application of CCS technology (CCS) project of its kind and is set to capture a million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

News--Rockport coal-to-gas plant seeks environmental permits


Indiana- The proposed plant, owned by Indiana Gasification LLC, a subsidiary of Leucadia National Corporation, is working on the environmental permitting process, one of three major steps the plant will need to take before it breaks ground. The plant is set to start construction in 2012.

News--Indiana House passes carbon dioxide pipeline bill


Indiana- An eminent domain bill for a carbon dioxide pipeline was passed in the Indiana House this past week. The bill, which would pipeline the carbon dioxide from the future Rockport gasification plant project, will move back to the Senate where a final version will be decided on. 

News--Governor of Illinois vetoes two Illinois coal-to-gas plants on Monday


Illinois- Gov. Pat Quinn vetoed a bill that would have established two synthetic natural gas plants in Illinois on Monday. The bill would have forced state utilities to buy the synthetic natural gas made from Illinois coal, which would’ve been passed on to Illinois ratepayers.

News--Proposed substitute natural gas plant in Chicago fuels debate


Illinois- A bill to build a proposed coal-to-SNG plant located on the far Southeast Side of Chicago is currently sitting on Governor Pat Quinn’s desk and would supply Chicago customers with substitute natural gas made from Illinois coal. The proposed plant would be built by Chicago Clean Energy (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leucadia National Corp.) and the company has said that the plant would save customers at least $100 million over 30 years compared with the price of conventional natural gas. Legislation would require the Leucadia plant to capture at least 85 percent of its carbon emissions or face fines of up to $20 million a year.

News--Duke proposes lower rate increases to fund Edwardsport


Indiana- Duke Energy recently proposed a lower customer-rate increase to fund the construction of the electric and natural-gas utility's Edwardsport power plant project. Duke wants to cap the project's construction costs to be passed along to customers at $2.72 billion, which would be exclusive of financing costs.

News--Kentucky bill grants eminent domain rights for carbon dioxide pipelines


Kentucky- Kentucky lawmakers passed legislation that gives eminent domain rights to carbon dioxide pipelines on Tuesday. The proposal will now move on to Gov. Steve Beshear. The bill will give private companies access across private property to develop pipelines for carbon dioxide.

News--Fayette County hoping for FutureGen site selection


Illinois- The Willow Grove Project in northern Fayette County is waiting on a decision expected in the next few days on whether the project will be selected for participation in the FutureGen Project. The county is hoping that they will be the selected site for storage of carbon dioxide deep underground for the FutureGen Project.

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