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News--Talking about greenhouse gas regulations in Texas


Texas- John Thompson, director of the Coal Transition Project at the Clean Air Task Force was in Austin, TX  this past week to address a conference on carbon capture and climate change on the opportunities for Texas and China to combine on carbon capture and sequestration technology.

News--Citizens of Kingaroy celebrate end of Cougar UCG pilot project


Australia- Cougar Energy’s bid to establish an underground coal gasification plant in Kingaroy ended this past Friday when the Queensland Government put a stop to the plant, citing that the company failed to prove that the project wouldn’t environmentally harm the traditionally agricultural area. 


News--Timetable for Rockport, Ind plant approved, utility lawyers question its timing


Indiana- The timetable, recently approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, sets the final hearing for approval of the 2.65 B gasification plant for May 3 with a final decision on the plant to likely come around Labor Day. Several lawyers have questioned the timing of the timetable, saying it leaves too little time for public feedback.

News--Canada couple says carbon capture project leaking into their land


Calgary- What started as pesky problems for a rural Saskatchewan couple has now raised the question of safety regarding carbon capture and sequestration. The couple noticed algae cones, dead animals and foam coming out of the ground on their property. The couple believes that carbon dioxide has begun to seep out of their property, but some scientists and the company Consenvus Energy Inc  is unsure, saying it is unclear whether the carbon dioxide coming out of the ground and the carbon dioxide injected is a match.

News--Deal reached for SNG plant in Indiana


Indiana- The Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) has voted unanimously to approve a 2.65 billion substitute natural gas plant in Rockport, Indiana. The proposed SNG plant will operate with 99% fewer pollutants then a traditional coal plant and will be designed to capture 90% of its carbon dioxide. If the plant is approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission construction will take place from 2012-2015.

News--Tenaska Trailblazer plant receives air quality permit from Texas Commission


Texas- 600MW Tenaska Trailblazer project in Sweetwater, TX will be the first new-built carbon capture plant to receive air-quality permits, a requirement for construction of the new plant. The technology at the plant will capture 80-90% of the plants’  carbon dioxide and will increase Permian Basin oil production in West Texas.

News--Illinois House approves Taylorville project


Illinois- The Illinois House initially rejected the proposal for the clean energy plant backed by Tenaska Energy but supporters brought it back for a second vote that was approved Tuesday night. The plant will turn high-sulfur Illinois coal into electricity and store the emissions underground. The proposal will now move to the Senate.

News--States consider clean-coal technology, with varying results


Washington- State regulators are contemplating low-carbon technologies and are trying to determine if the likelihood of federal climate legislation warrants the high costs of implementing clean-coal technologies. Investors and companies are presenting technologies like IGCC to public service commissions, who must decide whether the benefits of emission cuts and CCS outweigh the costs. However, deciding the impact of future climate legislation that isn’t currently enacted is hard for commissions to do, especially because they are required to choose the most low-cost option.

News--Duke Energy and consumer groups reach agreement on cost increases for Indiana plant


Indiana- The agreement today between Indiana Duke Energy, Indiana Utility Consumer Counselor, and industrial groups caps customer costs of the proposed Indiana coal gasification plant and shows a road map for consumer and investor cost recovery. The plant is scheduled to be operational in 2012 and will use IGCC technology to gasify coal and strip pollutants. It is one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken in Indiana.

News--Energy Secretary Chu, Sen. Rockefeller discuss coal’s future; CCS


West Virginia- DOE Secretary Chu visited West Virginia this past Wednesday and joined Senator Jay Rockefeller in a panel discussion where they both discussed the necessity of developing new coal technologies and agreed that more time and money should be spent on supporting and developing carbon capture and storage sequestration. Chu says that developing US’s CCS technologies may be an opportunity to export it to the world, and that China is already viewing CCS as an economic opportunity.  

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