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News--Tampa Electric to build a CO2 capture and sequestration plant


Florida- Tampa Electric will partner with RTI International to build a pilot project that will demonstrate the technology to remove sulfur and capture and sequester CO2 from Tampa Electric’s Polk Power 250MW IGCC power plant. The project is part of a U.S. Department of Energy funded demonstration project and will sequester 300,000 tons of CO2 more then 5,000 feet below the Polk Power Station. The project hopes to complete construction in 2013.

News--ICC report questions the costs and benefits of proposed plant in Taylorville


Illinois- The Illinois Commerce Commission report released this week casts doubt on the future Tenaska clean coal plant, stating that the proposed plant has significant costs and uncertain future benefits for taxpayers. Though the report makes no recommendation regarding future action for the Tenaska plant, it will be forwarded to the General Assembly where legislation will be enabled before construction can begin. Tenaska plans to move forward with the project, contingent on the state's approval.

News--Obama study offers new push towards CCS technologies and climate legislation


Washington- The study acknowledges carbon capture and sequestration feasibility and recognizes the need for climate legislation, but does not go into specifics of the next steps to widespread deployment of CCS. The report also acknowledges that the legal liabilities of CCS need to addressed and that demonstration plants are essential to CCS commercialization.

News--Obama Task Force report acknowledges need for carbon prices; climate legislation


Washington- The report, a plan for commercializing carbon capture and sequestration, was ordered by Obama in November. The study asserts that CCS is viable, but acknowledges that the barriers to CCS are overwhelming. The lack of private and government money is currently the biggest barrier, neither of which will likely increase unless climate change legislation passes or a hefty price for carbon dioxide is set.

News--US Dept of Energy changes course on FutureGen


Washington- The US Dept. of Energy has decided not to fund the new construction of a plant in Mattoon, IL but will instead remake a currently obsolete oil burning plant in Meredosia, IL, now dubbed FutureGen 2. The plant would be fed pure oxygen and burn coal, with the exhaust gas consisting of almost pure carbon dioxide. This new approach could be a way of converting and utilizing old coal plants around the country and according to the energy secretary’s senior advisor, could allow the US coal industry to stay globally competitive.

News--The politics of clean coal changes the fate FutureGen once again


Illinois- The Dept. of Energy’s deeply politicized FutureGen project announced a change of plans yet again on August 5. Instead of the plant being built in Mattoon and using gasification technologies, an existing plant in Meredosia, IL will be refitted and will use a lesser-developed technology called oxy-combustion, sending the carbon dioxide through a pipeline to be stored in Mattoon, IL. This decision not only will affect the potential outcome of FutureGen, but may also undermine the US’s credibility and reputation in regards to potential investors and partnerships for global energy.

News--Teneska chooses Fluor's carbon capture technology for Trailblazer plant


Texas- Teneska has decided to use Fluor’s Econamine FG Plussm carbon capture technology at its proposed Teneska Trailblazer Energy Center that is currently in development near Sweetwater, Texas. Fluor’s amine-based technology for post-combustion capture is one of the first commercial solutions proven to remove CO2 from flue gases and Fluor will be performing initial design and engineering for Trailblazer.

News--Groundwater near Cougar Energy cleared of having dangerous toxin levels


Australia- Last week the underground coal gasification (UCG) pilot project near Kingaroy was shut down after the state government found trace levels of benzene and toluene at the site and neighboring areas. The latest samples of groundwater from the Cougar Energy site show levels of chemicals well within drinking water guidelines. The Department of Environment and Resource Management will continue to regularly monitor and analyze the bores with the state government holding community forums in order for citizens to voice their concerns about UCG projects.

News--Seepage of toxins into groundwater spurs investigations into UCG safety


Australia- Cougar Energy, a pilot coal gasification plant outside of Brisbane, Australia, was closed last week upon findings that certain toxins had contaminated the site’s groundwater. Even though the toxins found are well within Australia’s government recommendations for drinking water, the Bligh government has issued inquiries into the entire UCG sector, citing that Cougar’s contamination issues raises concerns about the safety of all UCG projects.

News--Underground coal gasification could turn “lead into gold” for North Dakota; U.S.


North Dakota- ND’s abundant supply of deeply underground lignite coal has up until recently been considered worthless, but the application of underground coal gasification (UCG) could soon change that. There have been great strides in advancing UCG technologies and North Dakota is likely to become a candidate for a UCG project due to its vast coal reserves and willingness to experiment with alternative energy sources.

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