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CCS Deployment Program


The goal of this program is to promote the deployment of 20GW of CCS, which would not otherwise be commercially viable, through direct payments. The payments are awarded on a competitive basis through a reverse auction to ensure the program is both effective and efficient.

Keybridge Research Summary on Stimulating Sustainable Growth


Keybridge Research conducted a study to determine how a federal commitment to innovative coal plants — particularly those that remove carbon dioxide emissions and sequester them deep underground — would impact the economy. This is a one-page report synopsis.

Stimulating Sustainable Growth


A preliminary analysis of the economic effects of federal support for carbon capture and storage projects, prepared by Keybridge Research.

SNG with CCS - Implications for Wisconsin


Coal to substitute natural gas (SNG) plants, with carbon capture and storage, could be an important way for Wisconsin utilities to economically reduce carbon emissions.

Comparison of IGCC and Pulverized Coal Technologies in a BACT Analysis


Some have argued that IGCC should not be part of a coal fueled power plant BACT analysis because to do so
impermissibly “redefines” the source proposed by a permit applicant.

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