Portfolio of CCS Projects

The US should pursue the following 2018 project portfolio:


• Commercialize 4 GW of post-combustion capture to full scale by building at least the following range of PCC units:


-          Five 50–250 MWe projects integrated at plant scale on slip streams of larger units

-          Seven 300–1,000 MWe projects with capture on the full exhaust of a large unit


• Develop at least one 100 MW post-combustion capture project on a large natural gas combined-cycle plant.


• Build three commercial-scale underground coal gasification plants with CCS.


• Expand regional CO2 pipeline networks, especially those that link regions to existing EOR fields.


• Build nine commercial-scale IGCC plants with CCS, SNG with CCS, and other gasification with CCS, including:

-          Two 200 MW IGCC plants with 90 percent capture

-          Three 500 MW IGCC plants with 50–65 percent capture

-          Two 500 MW SNG-NGCC plants with 50 percent+ overall carbon dioxide reduction compared to conventional coal plants

-          Two 500 MW equivalent SNG plants with ~90 percent capture


• Develop five large-scale commercial saline sequestration projects as soon as possible.


CATF urges DOE to look for synergies between projects. For example, Denbury’s Midwest CO2 pipeline is a key priority. To be built, however, the project needs several gasification projects to break ground. DOE could achieve multiple objectives by prioritizing funding for the gasification projects linked to Midwest




What CATF is doing in federal policy:

  • CATF is working closely with the Administration and leaders in Congress to develop climate policies and regulations grounded in science, technology, and the law
    • Provide non-partisan, data-driven analysis that has won the trust of Senate and House members and staff,  and help to identify and defend policy designs that will achieve the greatest climate benefit at the least cost.
    • Strengthen laws and regulations to clean up coal and implement carbon capture and storage.