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Clean Air Task Force Commends Midwest Governor's Association On Support For Carbon Capture


The Midwest Governor’s Association today announced its Midwestern Energy Infrastructure Accord, which includes a framework for creating a geologic storage utility for sequestering carbon dioxide. The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) applauds this planned series of carbon dioxide pipelines as an essential component in the fight to slash greenhouse emissions from coal-fueled power plants and a critical enabling measure in the transition to responsible coal use.


As a leading expert on cleaning up coal, CATF’s Kurt Waltzer, CCS Development Coordinator of the Coal Transition Project, issued the following statement. 


“We will never slow global climate change unless we capture and sequester coal plant greenhouse gas emissions.   Most of the technology to do this is currently available and the Midwestern governors today took a critical step toward cleaning up coal.


Their resolution highlights the infrastructure needed to house, inject and transport carbon dioxide captured from power plants. This infrastructure can only encourage wide deployment of pre and post-combustion carbon capture technology over the next two decades, offering our best chance to achieve deep carbon reductions.


The carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) utility concept developed through MGA will provide an important CO2 outlet for power producers, giving them the means to sell CO2 for enhanced oil recovery efforts, or to inject it deep underground for permanent storage.


We applaud the MGA for setting a 2012 goal for siting and permitting at least one pipeline and for its efforts to implement consistent CCS policies, while establishing a regulatory framework.”


Mr. Waltzer is available for comment on the MGA energy accord.