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Clean Air Task Force Applauds US DOE For Low Carbon Coal Project Grants


Washington, December 4, 2009--

The Clear Air Task Force, an independent environmental advocacy organization not supported by industry, today applauded Energy Secretary Chu for providing nearly $1 billion in grants for globally significant low-carbon coal projects.  Using different technologies, each of the projects will capture and sequester up to 90% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal.

Statement of Armond Cohen, Executive Director of the Clean Air Task Force On Barack Obama’s arrival November 15 in China


BOSTON, November 13, 2009--

“How our two nations address this [coal’s CO2] issue will determine how successful we are in tackling climate change. This is a big two-nation problem, and neither will solve it alone…

Clean Air Task Force Commends Midwest Governor's Association On Support For Carbon Capture


BOSTON, October 7, 2009--The Midwest Governor’s Association today announced its Midwestern Energy Infrastructure Accord, which includes a framework for creating a geologic storage utility for sequestering carbon dioxide. The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) applauds this planned series of carbon dioxide pipelines...

CATF, Experts Release Roadmap to Slash Cost of Carbon Controls


WASHINGTON, DC,  September 15, 2009 –The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) today released its report “Coal Without Carbon”, detailing federal policy recommendations to lower the price of reducing carbon emissions from coal, a leading cause of climate change.

Clean Air Task Force Commends Duke Energy and China`s Largest Utility on Pioneering Joint Clean Energy Agreement


BOSTON, August 10, 2009 — The Clean Air Task Force (CATF), a Boston-based environmental advocacy organization, today commended the pioneering agreement between major US and Chinese utilities to support the development of cleaner energy technologies.

Clean Air Task Force Executive Director Statement and Media Availability on MIT Post-Combustion Capture Report


BOSTON, June 19, 2009 — The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) today released the findings of a symposium on post-combustion carbon capture for coal-fueled power generation.  The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) participated in and submitted its own report calling for wide deployment of carbon capture technology.

Clean Air Task Force Statement on Questioning Lower Capture Standards of Reinstated FutureGen


CARBONDALE, IL, June 12, 2009 — Today the Obama Administration revived the FutureGen “clean coal” project.  In doing so, the project has dramatically scaled back its carbon capture emissions standards.  John Thompson, Director of the Coal Transition Project for the Clean Air Task Force, issued the following statement of concern about the latest development.

Clean Air Task Force Applauds EPA Shift on New Mexico Coal Plant


BOSTON, April 29, 2009— In a notable reversal of its previous position, the Environmental Protection Agency this week took the highly unusual step of filing a motion to remand its issuance of a final air permit for the Desert Rock conventional coal plant in New Mexico.

Statement of Kurt Waltzer, Clean Air Task Force, on Carbon Storage Tax Credits


"The Clean Air Task Force applauds the passage by Congress of a tax incentive package to promote carbon capture and storage (CCS)"

Statement of John Thompson, Clean Air Task Force Director of Coal Transition Project, on DOE Secretary Bodman’s Decision Not To Fund FutureGen


"It is short-sighted for the Bush Administration to retreat on FutureGen now.  This project is important because it would be among the first power plants in the nation to capture large quantities of carbon dioxide. By mid-century, virtually all the nation’s coal, oil and natural gas fueled power plants must capture carbon dioxide if we’re to prevent global warming.  President Bush needs to stick by what he started."

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