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How Much Does CCS Really Cost?


 An Analysis of Phased Investment in Partial CO2 Capture and Storage for New Coal Power Plants in the United States by Mike Fowler, Energy Technology Consultant, Clean Air Task Force.

CATF Report on the current state of CCS and regulatory approach to limitiing US CO2 emissions


CCS technology is available today. This report provides background on the current state of the art for CCS and describes a regulatory approach to limiting US power sector CO2 emissions.

White Papers - The Carbon Capture and Storage Imperative - Recommendations to the Obama Administration’s Interagency Agency


The Earth’s climate is warming significantly. The world’s oceans are also warming, as well as acidifying, threatening populations of microscopic animals that are the basis of the ocean’s food chains. If greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions continue, Earth’s climate could pass critical tipping points such as unstoppable melting of the Greenland ice sheet and attendant sea level rise.                

Reducing CO2 from Fossil Fuels: Input to Tri-State Planning Process


This report makes recommendations to Tri-State for CCS on natural gas and coal, including costs and new technologies such as UCG

Using Reverse Auctions in a Carbon Capture and Sequestration Deployment Program


This paper reviews the concept of a reverse auction, how reverse auctions are currently used in the public and private sectors, how they can be applied to a CCS deployment program, and the benefits of using them in that manner.

The Role of Carbon Capture and Storage Technology in Attaining Global Climate Stability Targets


The world is at an energy crossroads. Carbon dioxide (“CO2”) emissions due to combustion of fossil fuels have already resulted in a roughly 1°C rise in global surface temperatures, and continued emissions threaten the very climate on which human livelihood depends.

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